Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby Talk #4: Jobee

There's a recent rumor that Jollibee will have a branch in Singapore soon. My eldest sister's family is based in Singapore. If it's true, then my niece, who is my eldest sister's daughter, will be delighted. To her, Jollibee is "Jobee". She celebrated her 1st birthday with a Jollibee Kids Theme Party when they had a vacation here in the Philippines. She enjoyed watching the Jollibee mascot perform a very entertaining dance number. Since then, Jollibee is her favorite. And because she likes Jollibee so much, her paternal cousin was forced to give her his Jollibee talking doll. Adding to that, she also has memorized the outdated "Isa pa, isa pang Chikenjoy!" move which was taught to her by my youngest sister. 

Jobee happy!

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