Friday, September 28, 2012

Baby Talk #5: Eh!

Iatotski, my two-year-old niece, is growing up so fast. She's not a baby anymore. So starting today, my posts would shift to Buchukoy, my seven-month-old nephew and my elder sister's first son.

The first word that I heard from Buchukoy a few days after he was born was "Eh!". Later on, his eh has created different meanings. He makes a laughing eh when he is happy. He produces a shrieking eh when he gets excited. A crying eh, which is sometimes with matching feigned cough, happens when he's hungry or irritated. A sleepy eh is accompanied with scratching his head or ear. There's also a chatty eh when he's talking to someone. Another one is a mumbling eh when he's playing alone. A biting eh occurs when he puts his fingers in his mouth. He also expels gas with a burp eh. And finally, if it's time to defecate, he lets out a forced eh.

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